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I praise You with my whole heart

I will praise You with my whole heart… Psalms 138:1a

Good morning. As I awaken to quiet, the birds have not yet stirred and the ground is covered with a light dusting of snow. There is a stillness that can only be heard when it snows. A hush over the land. A cleanness that reminds me of being washed with the blood of Christ and where red is turned into white. A beautiful sight to behold, if only for a moment. I am delighted by it for it is just as I desired. A fresh new day dawning…

As my thoughts turned to you this morning, I wanted to tell you not to stress or fret. I know how you get when things take a sudden turn. All is well. In His timing, you will get to work without an overwhelming sense of fear. Your “old lady” style of driving is a blessing on days like today. So, take a couple of deep breaths, roll those shoulders and carry on.

Today’s prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for the new day. For washing the earth clean. My heart is full and I will sing your praises this day. I know the day will be full of chaos and commotion as it always is when we have a little bit of snow. To close or not to close. How about a two-hour delay? Better safe than sorry… and how about those crazy drivers who can’t drive when the roads are clear. What is this little dusting of snow going to do? There will be accidents galore. But You will be in the midst of it all and it will be just as you have designed it.

As for us God, we will praise you with our whole heart, for You are worthy to be praised. You are holy, holy, holy, our Lord God almighty and we thank You for Your grace and mercy renewed this day. Let the day unfold as You desire. Let us stay in tune with You and Your will. We pray that we will follow Your promptings and that whatever we encounter will be ordained by You and You will be in the midst of it.

We pray for mercies on our family today. You know their needs, wants and desires; their circumstances and challenges. Help us to strike a balance between You, them and the pull of the world on our time and energy. Father God, You are merciful and magnificent.

We praise Your sweet, holy and precious name. We lay all that we are at Your feet and say, “here we are Lord, use us as You see fit. Don’t let us get ahead of ourselves but have patience and follow Your path. Be with us today and always and thank You for Your blessings yesterday, today and always.

… in Jesus’ name. Amen.

My sweet C, have a blessed day! Know that I love you and I am so thankful for our friendship. Our chosen sisterhood ordained by God himself. Thank you for saying yes and stepping out on faith. It has taken us on a journey too special for words. I can’t imagine doing life without you in it during this season. Stay strong in your faith, stay rooted in the Word and keep the Lord close to your heart. I look forward to talking to you later.

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