• Kimberly Dunham

Out of the gate...

And away we go, off to the races. I've spent hours praying, thinking, researching, training and being educated on how to take my God-given talents and put them to use in His kingdom. During our forced social distancing I have been immersed in classes which have deepened my understanding, piqued my interest, and ripped the Band-Aids off of wounds I thought were long healed but lay festering just beneath the surface waiting to rear their ugly heads once more.

Coach, mentor, speaker and an accountability partner are not just titles to me. They represent who I am. God knitted me with the attributes of empathy, listening, compassion, speaking, teaching, and organization. These attributes have served me well during my years in corporate America but have been paramount in my current role.

Caring , praying, motivating, and casting vision to over 70+ volunteers each week requires a great amount of tenacity along with my gifts from God. I have missed it but in our virtual environment I've been stretched to maintain a sense of togetherness, community, if you will, with my volunteers. It's amazing what creativity you find when you have a mission in mind.

Launching my business now felt right. God has been urging me to do this for a while and I've been like a baby bird teetering on the edge of the nest. But no more. I'm ready to spread my wings and see where I land.

Right now my goal is to reach as many women as I can that might need a little extra help during this time. Depression and anxiety are on the rise as everyone prepares for back to school. Discontentment with life, family situations, and work are skyrocketing. Women are trying to find themselves, their purpose, passion, and belonging.

Been there, done that, and now that I've discovered it for myself I want to share it with others. It is my hope and prayer that I can make a difference one woman, one family, one dream at a time.

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