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Sunday musings

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

It’s been a quiet day. Spiritually fulfilling with the live-streaming church service this morning and chatting with my fellow churchgoers. The message was amazing. A right now word for such a time as this. My pastor spoke from Psalms 23. He broke it down verse by verse. I have a new perspective on this particular Psalms. A very positive and blessed one. I also had a Zoom session with my church volunteers. It was so uplifting to see their smiling happy faces. It’s been a while and I truly miss them.

The majority of the day was spent in the Word (the Psalms), reading my devotionals for Lent, setting up my Facebook page for my new business venture and trolling the internet trying to find similar businesses. I’ve had a true day of rest sans the nap. I didn’t feel tired or compelled to stop what I was doing to lay my head down. That could be because I slept in this morning. I awoke at five, six, and seven and finally got up at nine-twenty. From there the day has been nonstop action even though according to my watch I’ve only taken 217 steps!

This is the first Sunday in which I’ve heeded the Word of God and made it a day of rest since we have been quarantined. Usually, I’m up at five o’clock and at the church by seven, often not returning home until one in the afternoon. By which time I am worn out and a nap is the first order of business when I get home. After my nap, I usually cook dinner, hang with the kids, watch TV, read, and veg out for the rest of the day.

But those six hours given to the work of the Lord between seven and one are draining and fulfilling at the same time. I love my job, my volunteers, and especially the kids, running a preschool environment on a Sunday morning for two services with over 150 kids is hard work. If you doubt me, try it yourself and then you can tell me how you feel. Blessed but tired would be my guess.

Today has been a beautiful day. It’s in the low 80s which is too hot, too soon for me. I went out earlier but had to come back in. I’m not ready to sweat from the heat just yet. I feel the wind blowing a slight breeze through the trees, cars driving by but not much more than that. Usually, I can hear the kids at the playground or riding their hoverboards on the sidewalks and running around the yards but not today.

My girls are bored with all this time on their hands. Homework is done and there is only so much TV or Netflix bingeing you can do without it getting old. I can’t say that I don’t understand because I do. It has been very difficult for me having to work from home a few days a week. I was not designed to work with a lot of distractions and my house is full of them.

This is coming from someone who finished both degrees at Panera and thrives very well when I am working from there. I should say I can’t work with personal distractions. At Panera, I’m surrounded by strangers and not focused on their comings and goings but at home…well, that’s a different story.

After dinner, I continued reading two of the three books on my desk. Yes, three books at one time. I couldn’t make up my mind so I started reading them all. The crazy part is that each one complements the other. I listened to music, talked on the phone and worked on the computer. Before I knew it time had gotten away from me and it was after 11:00. Time to call it a day. It was a good day, a successful day, a restful day and I was glad about it. I wish there were more days like today. Who knows what the future holds. It could become my new norm.

Rest easy my friends until later… may God bless you and keep you.

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