• Kimberly Dunham

Words for 2020

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for today. For last night, for this time away to recharge my batteries. I’m so thrilled to see the carryover from last week to today. The joy is even greater my love, my Lord. I am learning to accept all that is and will be according to Your will.

I am so excited about my words for 2020. MEANINGFUL. Everything I do will be meaningful. My life will be meaningful, as will my relationship with you. I am full of anticipation to see what it all means as the year continues to roll out. Thank you for all you have done to lead me to this place. We have had quite the journey thus far. As I reflect on it all I see your handiwork in it all. So clearly, so expertly applied to my circumstances as I continue to climb my way out of this hole I look forward to each new rung on the ladder and what it will reveal to me, about me and for me.

#future #present #meaningful #joy #anticipation #wonder #life #God

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