Kimberly has extensive experience and qualifications in the following areas:

Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and an Accountability Partner

Are you stuck? Challenged? Frustrated? Need to build a stronger spiritual foundation? Ready to explore your talents & gifts? What tools and skills do you need? Do you need to set and achieve goals? 


Have you suffered from trauma in your life (abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, etc,) You are not alone? Trauma knows no boundaries as to who a victim may be or look like. As an overcomer of these issues, I can empathize and walk with you through your situation to victory. I also speak about my own trials of sexual assault and domestic violence to help women understand that there is life afterward. A good life full of joy and beauty.

Does codependency have you floundering in your life? Don't know how to live without drama and control? Need to learn to set boundaries and keep them? I am a recovering codependent woman who walks others through the process of being codependent no more. 

Let's talk to discuss your options.